John Travolta Returns to Horror in First Trailer for The Fanatic

One of the most intriguing thrillers of 2019 finally has a trailer, and we’re even more curious now that we’ve gotten a closer look. The Fanatic, formally titled Moose, is the story of a man named Moose (John Travolta) who stalks his favorite celebrity, Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa). In addition to this interesting actor pairing, the film’s biggest intrigue is that it was directed by Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst. In fact, the story was supposedly inspired by a real-life stalker Durst had during the band’s heyday.

According to MovieWeb, the film was supposed to premiere at Cannes, but Travolta had it pulled for disliking the initial cut. However, the site reports that the thriller had some early positive buzz, and it’s possible Travolta was just nervous about debuting such an over-the-top character. While Travolta has had a few flops lately, many of us still refer to him as the Comeback Kid, and have faith that he’ll soon pick a project that'll turn the slump around. Whether or not it's The Fanatic remains to be seen, but his costume alone has us gearing up to see the film. In fact, Entertainment Weekly called it “one of the boldest looks of his career.”

Durst actually has quite a few directorial credits under his name. In addition to music videos for Limp Bizkit, Korn, Puddle of Mud, and more, the musician also directed Jesse Eisenberg in The Education of Charlie Banks, and Ice Cube in The Longshots. He’s also got two more features in development, according to IMDb.

As for Sawa, this won’t be the first time he plays a celebrity getting stalked. He also portrayed Stan in Eminem's music video, “Stan,” which is now a term used regularly to describe super fans. We'll be pretty bummed if the word doesn't come up a few times in The Fanatic.


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The Fanatic hits theaters on August 30th, soon followed by a VOD and digital release on September 6th.