Campers Are out of Time in the Latest American Horror Story: 1984 Teasers

Over the past several weeks, FX has released a number of short teasers for the upcoming American [...]

Over the past several weeks, FX has released a number of short teasers for the upcoming American Horror Story: 1984 that both whet the appetite of fans for the season and serve as the mechanism for the AHS Survivor contest, slowly picking off a series of horror movie character tropes to get to a final survivor -- the "final girl", if you will. Now, with 1984's premiere just over a week away, the final two teasers are here.

On Tuesday, FX released both the "Car Ride" teaser and the "Phone" teaser, picking up the story pretty much where we left with the last video in which The Nice Girl managed to, miraculously, get the car started and flee from Mr. Jingles. However it seems like she ended up going the wrong direction in her desperate attempt to escape as she ran right into danger -- literally. Check out the "Car Ride" teaser below.

Then, in the "Phone" teaser, the whole story comes to a dramatic conclusion. We see The Nice Girl is not, in fact, the one who escapes. Instead, it's The Platonic BFF. He's the terrified camper she passes on her ill-fated drive, waving his arms in warning for her to turn back. But she doesn't listen and when she tries to call for help, the phone is out of service, the line -- and the girl -- dead. You can check out the conclusion to the teaser saga below.

As we noted, this was part of the larger AHS Survivor sweepstakes in which entrants picked the character they thought would survive to the end, but they also have gone a long way towards hyping fans for the upcoming season of the horror anthology season by showing the terror Mr. Jingles' has inflicted on Camp Redwood. It's possible even that these teasers are a prequel of sorts, establishing the killing spree that is mentioned in the real trailer for 1984 that predates the series' start. That tragedy is also something that series star Billie Lourd herself mentioned when she spoke about the upcoming season in a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

"It's set outside of LA," Lourd said. "So me and a bunch of my camp counselor friends -- Gus Kenworthy, the epic skier, I'm in love with him, Cody Fern, Matthew Morrison from Glee, Leslie Grossman, my heart and soul -- so all of us basically are people in LA, and we're bored, we don't want to be in LA anymore, and we go out to this camp in the middle of nowhere where a bunch of people were killed like 20 years ago, but we're like hey, let's go be camp counselors there, so we go and camp counsel there, and he comes back."

Did you guess the right surviving camper? Are you ready for American Horror Story: 1984? Let us know in the comments below.

American Horror Story: 1984 premieres Wednesday, September 18th at 10 p.m. ET on FX.