Is Lady Gaga In American Horror Story 1984?

American Horror Story's ninth season, 1984, premiere's tonight on FX. After months of teasing fans [...]

American Horror Story's ninth season, 1984, premiere's tonight on FX. After months of teasing fans with a series of splashy, 80s slasher-themed posters and teasers it's finally time to head off to Camp Redwood for what is sure to be a literally killer summer for the characters of Ryan Murphy's popular series. Thanks to the casting video Murphy released earlier this year, we already know who will and will not be playing those unlucky souls but now, just ahead of the season's debut a rumor has started making the rounds that there might be one surprise cast member -- Lady Gaga.

Ahead of tonight's premiere, Dish subscribers have noticed that the service's listing for American Horror Story: 1984 lists some surprising actors as being part of the series cast, specifically Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett. Everything else about the listing lines up with what we know about 1984. This listing has led some fans to believe that Lady Gaga (and, presumably Bates and Bassett) will be appearing in tonight's premiere with a few even taking to social media to share the rumor.

Lady Gaga appearing in 1984 would certainly be welcomed by of American Horror Story. The entertainer was one of the series stars for Hotel, winning a Golden Globe for Best Actress Mini-Series or TV Film for her role as The Countess/Elizabeth Johnson and also appeared in Roanoke as Scathach. Lady Gaga hasn't appeared in any season since, though there was a fan theory about last season's Apocalypse that tied Billie Lourd's Mallory to Scathach -- a theory that many fans hoped that, if true, would see a cameo appearance. It ultimately never played out.

However, despite the fan demand, what is most likely is that Dish Network simply used a previous description of the series' cast, possibly even Roanoke as Bates, Bassett and Lady Gaga all three appeared in that season. While anything is ultimately possible with American Horror Story, a series known for its twists and largely unpredictable surprises, the idea of an appearance by Lady Gaga is one that seems a bit unlikely. Last month, FX Networks and FX Productions CEO John Landgraf explained that the cast shakeup for 1984 was a product of the fact that the season simply needed a clean slate after the overstuffed Apocalypse.

"Remember, he did something really interesting, which is he decided to weave multiple different cycles through the eight seasons, and so it was the biggest cast ever," Landgraf said. "You had actors that were playing 2-3 different characters. You had to bring back all the cast from prior seasons. It was a monster in terms of the size of the cast, cost of that cast. You can't do that all the time."

He went on to explain that that meant in Season 9, series co-creator Ryan Murphy had to refresh.

"Part of what he needed to do, which is what he did, was clean the slate, start over."

What do you think? Are you expecting Lady Gaga to make an appearance in American Horror Story: 1984 or do you think this was just a mistake in Dish Network's listing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @lifeinpolaroid for all things American Horror Story!

American Horror Story: 1984 premieres Wednesday, September 18th at 10 p.m. ET on FX.