Blair Witch Getting Escape Attraction in Las Vegas This Summer

Indie horror classic The Blair Witch Project will be the next intellectual property to be [...]

Indie horror classic The Blair Witch Project will be the next intellectual property to be exploited for an escape attraction, coming to Las Vegas later this summer. Jason Egan, who also designed Lionsgate's Saw Escape attraction in Vegas, will be responsible for the Blair Witch version, which is set to launch at some point in July. Per TheWrap, Escape Blair Witch is set in a re-creation of a dilapidated 100-year-old house in an eerie backwoods. Since it's a recreation of a cabin, rather than being a single escape room, the attraction will feature 10 escape rooms within one structure, and should take about an hour for visitors to get through.

It may feel a little more like the Escape/obstacle course experiences that fans remember from The Walking Dead, where there would be interactive haunted house-style shenanigans all around larger venues like PetCo Stadium in San Diego. Those events were big draws at Comic Con and seasonally around the country for a few years when The Walking Dead TV series was at its height.

American Psycho also gets name-dropped in the story as a potential property Lionsgate might want to translate into this format in the future.

"I like to build up slowly and, towards the end, all hell breaks loose," Egan said of the experience, suggesting that it will be set up in such a way that whether or not you escape, you still get to experience the story's ending.

"We really think that it's not only in Vegas, there's a huge demand for horror," Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate's EVP and head of Global Live, Interactive & Location Based Entertainment, said. "If you look at box office, horror movies were increasing in market share in the years prior to the pandemic…there's a fan base with a penchant for horror, and it isn't limited to one month of the year."

To that end, the article also notes that Lionsgate has plans for video games based on The Blair Witch Project and Evil Dead franchises. Evil Dead and Saw have both had a history of live-action events as part of Universal Studio's annual Haunted Horror Nights.

Tickets will be priced around $45.