Castle Freak Star Confirms New Film Is a "Completely Different" Premise From Original

A new Castle Freak movie is currently being filmed, but star of the original film and producer on [...]

A new Castle Freak movie is currently being filmed, but star of the original film and producer on this new endeavor Barbara Crampton confirmed that the upcoming adventure won't merely be a way to recycle the 1995 film's plot. Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, the original movie took some serious liberties with the source material, so learning that this new take will also deviate from its predecessor will likely come as a relief to some audiences. Crampton also confirmed that the new take wouldn't be a complete deviation from Lovecraft's tale, ensuring some elements would stay true to its inspiration.

"First of all, it's not a remake, it's a reimagining," Crampton confirmed with MovieWeb. "I only say that because I just want people to know the story is completely different. We have a completely different premise for the story. The characters are all different. There are a few similarities. There is a freak. There is a castle. There is a character named Rebecca and there's a character named John, but who they are and their relationship is completely different, and we have a whole new cast of characters."

The original film focused on a family who inherits a castle after the death of a relative, resulting in the family moving into their acquired property until they can sell it. Unbeknownst to them, a former owner kept a disfigured descendent in the castle's catacombs, who escapes and seeks blood, with the family's patriarch ultimately becoming accused of the freak's crimes.

This new reimagining stars Clair Catherine, Jake Horowitz (The Vast of Night), Chris Galust (Give Me Liberty), and Kika Magalhães (The Eyes of My Mother), in addition to Emily Sweet (Syn), Elisha Pratt (True Detective), and Omar Brunson. The reboot will be the directorial debut of Tate Steinsiek (special effects makeup for Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, Satanic Panic) from a script by Kathy Charles (The Kings of Maine). Legendary Italian composer Fabio Frizzi (The Beyond, Zombie) will score the reboot.

Lovecraft's original short story, "The Outsider," is a tale about an individual giving the first-person narration of his life as the sole resident of a decaying castle, having never experienced human contact.

"Our hope and aim is to introduce a lot more Lovecraft-ian elements to our re-launch of that film, and give some of the hardcore Lovecraft fans a little more feeling and texture from that world," the actress previously shared with

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Castle Freak reboot.

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