Meet the Cast of the Child's Play Reboot in New Featurette

When the original Child's Play debuted, fans were delivered a relatively straightforward horror film which earned some laughs due to a handful of absurd moments. Over the course of the next six sequels, the franchise leaned more heavily into the campier components of the narrative, fully blending humor with horror. A reboot of the original film will be hitting theaters next month, starring actors more known for their comedic talents. Aubrey Plaza's breakout role came from the sitcom Parks and Recreation while Brian Tyree Henry has earned acclaim for his role in Atlanta. Learn more about what drew the performers to their roles in the above featurette before the film hits theaters on June 21st.

In the original film, the murderous Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) becomes critically injured and uses his final moments on earth to conduct a voodoo ritual that imbues his spirit into the body of a child-sized doll. The spirit allows the doll to come to life to continue the murderer's rampage. In the new film, the killings are caused by a doll whose internal computer malfunctions, allowing it to enact all manner of violence on anyone it encounters.

Earlier this year, Plaza explained how one reason she was intrigued by the project was how it honored the spirit of the original film.

"I love it so much," Plaza revealed to The Hollywood Reporter about the reboot. "To me, the original is an iconic movie. I haven't seen our film, just the trailer, but it's a real throwback horror movie. It's almost got a Spielbergian vibe to it. The reason I did it was for how beautiful the script was. It doesn't feel like a hokey, shticky, campy movie. If you remember the original Child's Play, it was a drama! It wasn't that funny. As the franchise went on, it became something else. The remake really captures the original."

The actress also noted that, while the original film was more of a slasher, depicting a killer running rampant, the new film will be more psychological in nature.

"I play Karen, the mother, and I have less interaction with Chucky than the actor who plays my son does. I can't reveal too much," Plaza admitted. "We're not supposed to talk about Chucky. It builds for Karen in a way that I'm interacting with Chucky by the end, but I'm mostly dealing with my son — who I almost believe is behind the mayhem. The horror of it all will be for the audience. For me, it's more of a psychological thriller."

The new Child's Play lands in theaters on June 21st.


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