Chucky Co-Creator Throws Shade at 'Child's Play' Remake

There's a Child's Play reboot on the way, which should come as no surprise considering the recent wave of slasher franchises that have received remakes. However, the original creators of the terrifying Chucky franchise aren't really on board with this idea.

Co-creator Don Mancini, who wrote all of the Child's Play films and directed the three most recent installments, took to Twitter to tell the fans that a reboot isn't exactly the right direction.

Last Friday, after not long after the news about the reboot made its way around the internet, a few news outlets wrote stories about why it was a bad idea. Mancini shared THR's version of the story, which is titled, "What Could Be Lost With a 'Child's Play' Remake."

In the tweet, Mancini wrote, "Fans & Friends, thank you for your support: PLEASE READ THIS!"

This morning, less than one week after the initial tweet, Mancini shared a similar article. This one, coming from Slashfilm, it called, "There Is Literally No Good Reason to Remake 'Child's Play.'"

It's become very clear that Mancini doesn't want the reboot to happen. Neither do franchise producer David Kirschner or actor Brad Dourif, who has voiced Chucky for each of his films. The trio have been building this franchise together since the very beginning, and none of them are working on this rebooted version.

The main reason for not wanting to be involved in any sort of reboot is the fact that they've still got more stories to tell in the main continuity of Chucky. The Mancini-directed Cult of Chucky was released just last year, and opened a ton of new doors for the future of the franchise. The trio are also working on producing a Child's Play TV series, which lines up with the main continuity.

"It points in a specific direction for some of these characters, and where they end up," Mancini told about how Cult of Chucky changed the franchise. "That is not something I would flee from. I do have ideas of where the next step for these characters will go. I have all kinds of different ideas. This is an ongoing franchise that we want to oversee as we go into the future."


These guys have plans for the future of Chucky and the Child's Play franchise, and a reboot isn't going to add anything to that vision.

Do you want to see a Child's Play reboot? Or do you agree with Mancini and think the franchise should just continue as planned? Let us know by dropping a line in the comments below!