'Cloverfield 3' To Involve A Near Future Scenario

The Cloverfield franchise kicked off 10 years ago, keeping audiences shrouded in mystery and [...]

The Cloverfield franchise kicked off 10 years ago, keeping audiences shrouded in mystery and allowing fans to follow a trail of breadcrumbs online to discover secrets about the movies. Little is known about the upcoming third installment in the franchise, with star Daniel Brühl recently sharing with Collider that the film takes place in the "near future."

"I went to UCLA and I met some very brilliant students and scientists there. It was only 2% of the information that I was given by them that I remotely understood," Brühl explained of preparing for a movie that takes place in space. "It's based on many interesting ideas about a near future scenario, which is an interesting vision of what could happen or what might happen with the Earth. I'm bit scared to talk about it because it's so extremely secretive. I'm afraid of ending up in a Bad Robot prison."

More than just another job, Brühl revealed that not only was he a fan of the previous films in the franchise, but the specifics of the plot allowed him to do things he hadn't done in other films.

"I was aware of the movies and wanted to enter that universe that they created," Brühl confessed. "J.J. Abrams is such a mastermind in that genre. It was very attractive to work with all of these wonderful actors. I've always wanted to do a space movie, so I couldn't wait to end up floating in space and solving huge problems."

The film, which was previously going by the name "God Particle," recently pushed back its release date from late February to April 20.

The film's writer, Oren Uziel, has previously revealed that he wrote the script for the then-titled "Shimmer Lake," which had no connection to the previous Cloverfield films, but it was in line with the overall tone of the two previous installments and with some slight adapting, was able to join the shared universe.

Given that the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane debuted only two months before the film's release, while many were even unaware of its existence, we can be sure there are many more surprises in store before the release of the third film.

The untitled Cloverfield movie is scheduled to premiere in theaters on April 20th.

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