Original 'Cloverfield' Writer Not Ruling Out Returning to the Franchise

Cloverfield has had a weird sort of tenure in the movie world, but it sounds like one of the franchise's veterans definitely would not mind returning.

Drew Goddard, who wrote the original 2008 film, was recently asked if he would be willing to write an actual sequel. As he revealed, he's not currently involved with that hypothetical project, but he would definitely be interested in doing so.

"I heard about that." Goddard explained to Slash Film. "I'm certainly not currently writing or directing it, but I also wouldn't rule anything out. Look, I love that universe. I love J.J. I love [director] Matt [Reeves]. I think we all feel like we want to get the band back together eventually, so..."

Talks of a proper Cloverfield sequel began earlier this year, when J.J. Abrams teased the upcoming Cloverfield-adjacent movie Overlord.

"It is batshit crazy," Abrams said back in April. "It is a crazy action sci-fi film that takes place during World War II. It is not a Cloverfield movie. We are developing a true dedicated Cloverfield sequel that is coming to theaters very soon."

For fans of the original film - especially those who have been wary about the franchise's recent direction - this will surely come as a pleasant surprise. Cloverfield has since gotten two sequels - 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox - which focused on different genres and different types of alien monsters. While 10 Cloverfield Lane was almost-universally praised, The Cloverfield Paradox suffered a different fate. Even with a surprising cast and a Super Bowl-timed Netflix debut, many regarded the film to be disconnected to the main franchise, something that isn't entirely false.

"While we were shooting, we were making adjustments," Abrams noted earlier this year. "This was a movie that went through many different iterations as it went along."


Still, it sounds like the Cloverfield franchise is showing no sign of slowing down, especially with this proper sequel now in the cards. Between Overlord, a possible fifth Cloverfield movie starring Daisy Ridley, and this sequel, it sounds like fans will still get more than enough science fiction weirdness from Bad Robot and company.

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