'Creep' and 'Creep 2' Director Teases Third Film

Filmmaker Patrick Brice's Creep and Creep 2 have delivered horror fans some of the more unexpected [...]

Filmmaker Patrick Brice's Creep and Creep 2 have delivered horror fans some of the more unexpected frights in recent years, thanks to its unique blend of humor and horror. While the project hasn't officially been confirmed, Brice promised that he is hard at work on a third film in the series.

"[We] finally found an idea that we're really excited about," Brice shared with Something Ghoulish. "One of the things we want to keep true with these movies is that they're… still small scale. Keeping that focus tight. Letting it be something that sort of orbits around Mark's character. We've found something we're really excited about. We're still in the process of writing. I can say that."

The original 2014 film focused on a cameraman (Brice) who accepted a Craiglist opportunity to document an expecting father's (Mark Duplass) daily activities. As their day unfolds, the man's behavior becomes more bizarre, leaving audiences to wonder if he is eccentric or if this is all a grand plan to pull off something more devious. The duo returned to deliver Creep 2, with the film depicting another bizarre encounter.

Of the planned third film, Brice noted, "It's a chance for us to do something I haven't really seen in horror movies, let alone found footage movies."

Both films were released through On Demand providers before landing on Netflix. Neither film was a major financial success, though the film's accomplishments opened up a number of opportunities for both Brice and Duplass. The delay with the third film is due in part to finding time between projects to move forward with the conclusion of the trilogy.

"Between the two of us, in the last year, I made another movie – I just got hired to direct another film that is very much a horror film. On a much bigger scale than any of the Creep movies. So I'm really excited about that too. And Mark is doing a million things," Brice confessed. "We're at the point where, if all goes well, shooting this movie later this year. [We have to] find a pocket in our schedules where we can actually make this movie and do right by it."

Stay tuned for details on the future of the franchise.

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