Creepshow Showrunner Weighs in on Possible Reboot Movie

After delivering audiences the anthology horror movie Creepshow in 1982, filmmaker George A. [...]

After delivering audiences the anthology horror movie Creepshow in 1982, filmmaker George A. Romero then developed the anthology TV series Tales from the Darkside in 1983, with showrunner of Shudder's Creepshow Greg Nictotero confirming that he'd love to develop a feature-length reboot, but that audiences likely don't want to commit to the longer run time. The main interest in possibly developing a feature film would be that it would earn a larger budget and deliver fans bigger scares, but that with his development of last year's Creepshow Holiday Special, he got a taste of delivering audiences an extended adventure. Season 2 of Creepshow debuts on Shudder on April 1st.

"Well, you're talking about different audiences," Nicotero shared with when discussing a movie opportunity. "In this day and age, we have a society that tends to like to watch short content. They like the idea of an 18- or a 20-minute morsel. The fact that I think what makes Creepshow different is that you have all these different themes. So I like what we are able to do. Certainly, I would love to consider doing a Creepshow movie and have a little bit more money, and more time, and expand the show."

Season 2 of Creepshow was set to head into production last March, only for the coronavirus pandemic to result in production being delayed nearly five months. Nicotero went on to detail how the original plan for the story in the Holiday Special, "Shapeshifters Anonymous," was initially different from what audiences saw in December.

"The original plan was it was going to be a two-parter," the filmmaker expressed. "As soon as the Santa Clauses attack the church, we were going to end on a cliffhanger, and then we were going to continue the story in the next episode, like a continuation of a comic book, you know? But while we were shooting it, we just kept looking at each other on set and finally, I went, 'God, it would do the episode and the material a disservice to not try to get it out there for people in December.' So we finished. We shot in September. We edited it in October. We did all the visual effects and music in November, and by the middle of December, it was out. People hadn't even gotten back to production work yet and we had already cranked out an animated special and the holiday special."

Season 2 of Creepshow premieres on Shudder on April 1st.

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