Director Greg Nicotero Shares New Creepshow Art

Back in 1982, director George Romero delivered audiences Creepshow, a love letter to horror comics that he grew up reading. The filmmaker developed the project with author Stephen King and special effects artist Tom Savini, making for a memorable production that brought together some of the most ambitious minds in the genre. Rather than being based on one specific property, the film aimed to capture the spirit of those terrifying tales that the filmmakers grew up reading. A new Creepshow series is heading to streaming service Shudder, with special effects makeup legend and The Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero spearheading the project. The filmmaker took to Instagram to tease promotional artwork for the series.

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Coming soon! CREEPSHOW @creepshowtv @shudder #creepshow

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Nicotero shared the illustration of the series' "Creep" while teasing, "Coming soon!"

Years before The Cryptkeeper came to life as the decaying horror host of HBO's Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow debuted a similar character who had less prominence in the film. Rather than introducing any elements of the film, the figure hovered outside the window of a young boy who ordered a voodoo doll to seek revenge on his father.

Despite this Creep not factoring into the film's actual narrative, it has served as a mascot of the series and has been depicted in a number of promotional items to celebrate the franchise.

“Having the opportunity to embrace the spirit of Creepshow and expand on what George and Steve created is, without a doubt, a lifelong dream come true,” executive producer Greg Nicotero shared in a statement. when the series was announced “Having grown up in Pittsburgh, Creepshow lives in a special place for me. I had the good fortune to visit the set as a teenager. I was able to look behind the curtain of filmmaking, and it changed me forever. I’m honored to continue telling the stories in the ‘comic book come to life’ world that fans fell in love with. This fall we will be ‘opening the coffin’ and unleashing upon the world our demented and ghastly stories, crafted by the best in business.”


Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Creepshow series on Shudder.

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