David Harbour Reveals Hellboy Can't Have Sex With Humans

There are a lot of things Hellboy can do better than you or me -- fighting, killing stuff, [...]

There are a lot of things Hellboy can do better than you or me -- fighting, killing stuff, smashing things with a giant stone hand (I don't even have one!). But the rest of us apparently have a leg up on Hellboy in the bedroom, according to David Harbour, who plays the character in the forthcoming movie and who says the demon sent to destroy Earth is surprisingly incompatible with human beings on a biological level. This could explain why, in spite of an R-rating that theoretically gives a little more flexibility than the original movie franchise had in terms of potential sex scenes, Harbour's Hellboy will not have a love interest in the way Ron Perlman's did.

"I mean, he is destined to be the beast of the apocalypse. And I think one of our goals is to justify the temptations of that destiny in terms of the creation of a world, where you know, as a demon, he might be accepted, and as a monster, he might be accepted, that he doesn't feel in this world," Harbour told JoBlo. "The other thing that we explore somewhat is — I mean, one of the interesting things to me about the Guillermo del Toro movies was that he had a love interest, right? And she was like a fire starter, and but I just think that Hellboy can't have a human being. He probably can't have sex with a human being because it would probably end disastrously, because of his demonic parts or whatever. So I just feel like what I wanted to explore was that loneliness, and you know, there's the temptations that you have to, if you do create a darker world as the beast of the apocalypse, you can have sex. You can have a girlfriend. You can live your life. But to live in the human world and to protect humanity, you have to sacrifice some of your nature, and your actual nature, as opposed to this concept of destiny, just that your actual nature somewhat gets sacrificed."

That same interview suggested that Harbour, who was the only actor considered for the role, was initially reluctant to pick up the mantle from Perlman, but was won over after seeing the script. Hellboy will land in theaters on April 12th.


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