Doctor Sleep Feature a Major Cameo From The Shining

Doctor Sleep is coming along as a 40-years-later sequel to The Shining. As a follow up to a movie which has become a cornerstone within the horror genre of all filmmaking, director Mike Flanagan had his hands full with the sequel spawned in the mind of Stephen King. While the original characters who appear in the film have been recast for both flashback sequences and present day portrayals, Flanagan did manage to squeeze in one of the original cast members from The Shining for his Doctor Sleep movie. The director revealed as much during an interview ahead of the film's release.

Warning, mild spoilers for Doctor Sleep follow!

While Doctor Sleep is centered around Ewan McGregor's portrayal of a grown up Dan Torrance, the original Danny Torrence does not go without an appearance! Almost all of the footage calling back to the original movie was reshot, including looks at young Danny, but original Danny Torrence actor Dan Lloyd still appears in the film. Somewhere close to the half-way mark of Doctor Sleep, the movie heads to a baseball park and turns its attention to a couple of men in the stands. One of those men compliments one of the young little league players.

The actor playing the man in the stands is none of than Dan Lloyd.

"There's one cameo in there that most people have missed, though. I don't know if you caught him," Flanagan said in the interview above. "Did you see Dan Lloyd? Little Danny, who came out for one day to do the baseball game."

Lloyd wasn't the only piece of The Shining to make it into Doctor Sleep. There are also a few shots from the original film which have been changed a bit for the sake of Doctor Sleep's narrative. "There are three shots," Flanagan says. "Three shots in the film that are Kubrick's footage. It is the shot of the island at the beginning of the journey up the mountain. We took his footage, stabilized it, and made it night time, added some snow, and then the two following shots of the car going up the mountain are his footage, as well, with the car replaced. That's it. The rest we recreated."


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Doctor Sleep hits theaters on November 8.