Funko Launches a Big Wave of Pops From Stephen King’s 'IT'

Funko’s original Pennywise figure from the recent reboot of Stephen King’s IT was a big [...]


Funko's original Pennywise figure from the recent reboot of Stephen King's IT was a big seller, but feast your eyes on what they just unveiled at Toy Fair! The wave includes action figure packs, SuperCute (or SuperTerrifying as it were) Plush, Losers' Club Pops, and three new versions of Pennywise! We're guessing the spider legs version is going to be a hot one this time around.

You can shop the entire collection of new Funko releases for Stephen King's IT right here, or check out the breakdown below.

Action Figures: IT - 3PK - Pennywise, Georgie, and Bill
Action Figures: IT - 3PK - Pennywise, Beverly, and Ben
Action Figures: IT - 3PK -Pennywise, Richie, Eddie
SuperCute Plush: Pennywise Assortment
POP! Movies: IT - Stan
POP! Movies: IT - Mike
POP! Movies: IT - Pennywise (Spider Legs)
POP! Movies: IT - Eddie with Broken Arm
POP! Movies: IT - Richie with bat
POP! Movies: IT - Beverly with Key Necklace
POP! Movies: IT - Ben Holding Burnt Easter Egg
POP! Movies: IT - Bill with Flashlight
POP! Movies: IT - Georgie with Boat

In addition to the figures above, Pennywise with a severed arm will be an Amazon exclusive, and a crowbar-in-head version will be available at FYE.

As big as the new line of IT figures is, this is only a fraction of what Funko is releasing today. So make sure to keep tabs on our master list for all of the pre-orders as they become available.

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