Anya Taylor-Joy Talks Filming 'Glass'

Thanks to having two horror films become big successes two years in a row with The Witch and then Split, actress Anya-Taylor Joy is becoming one of the genre's most sought-after young actresses. Having recently begun shooting the follow-up to Split, Glass, Joy commented on the fun and energetic vibe of M. Night Shyamalan's sequel.

"It's all going so well and everyone's so lovely and so excited to be doing this," Joy told HeyUGuys. "I think we all are very aware that we're making something really special and Night's just… he's done such an incredible job with the script that we're all coming in and really elevating our performances every single day. It's just really fun."

Debuting earlier this year, Split appeared, for all intents and purposes, to be yet another compelling thriller from the mind of Shyamalan. The film delivered on this front with its tale of a man whose fractured psyche caused him to kidnap young girls, while also incorporating elements from another movie from the filmmaker's career.

The final moments of the film included a brief appearance from Bruce Willis as the character David Dunn, who was the protagonist of 2000's Unbreakable. In the film, Dunn survived a train crash and came to the realization he had never been injured or sick throughout his life. The film ultimately showed that Dunn was, in fact, a superhero, with this film serving as the discovery of his powers.

Split's success and the passionate fans who championed Unbreakable resulted in the announcement of Glass, which will see a majority of the characters from both films coming together on screen. In addition to the aforementioned Joy and Willis, Unbreakable's Samuel L. Jackson and Split's Jack McAvoy will both appear in Glass.

Last week, the trailer for New Mutants, in which Joy stars, hit the web and immediately ignited interest in the film from the X-Men universe. The interesting twist with New Mutants is that, as opposed to being a traditional superhero film, director Josh Boone set out to make a horror film within the world of mutants.

You can see Joy in New Mutants when it debuts in theaters April 13, 2018 and in Glass in 2019.


[H/T Heroic Hollywood]