Original 'Halloween 6' Script Featured Homeless Michael Myers and Virtual Reality

The Halloween franchise has never had an easy go at things, as its 10 different films feature four [...]

The Halloween franchise has never had an easy go at things, as its 10 different films feature four different narrative timelines, with an upcoming sequel to the original film creating a fifth. The sixth film in the series, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, has two drastically different cuts, neither of which is all that impressive. Before writer Daniel Farrands' script was brought to life, Phil Rosenberg wrote a draft, which a fan purchased on eBay, that had a drastically different story featuring a homeless Michael Myers, a virtual reality Ouija board, and more.

This film, titled, "Halloween 666: The Origin," shifted the focus away from the young Jamie Lloyd character from the previous two films and instead followed reporter Dana Childress investigating how Haddonfield, Illinois had recovered from the murder and mayhem Michael Myers brought to the community. Through her investigations, Dana discovers that she, much like Laurie Strode, was a long-lost sister of Michael.

Having been left for dead at the end of Halloween 5, Michael is now homeless, wandering the streets of Haddonfield safely, as no one knew what he looked like under the mask. Tommy Doyle, who was played by Paul Rudd in the actual film, possesses a VR Ouija program which offers him glimpses into the past, including early Samhain festivals and how the Myers family had become cursed, explaining Michael's bloodlust.

The original script doesn't do much to explain the Man in Black or Michael's thorn tattoo that were both introduced in Halloween 5, and it also featured only one scene involving Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence).

Fans may wonder what would have become of the franchise had this script been developed into an actual film, but it sounds like this version would have been just as confusing and disappointing as the theatrical cut of the film.

The producer's cut of the sixth film, on the other hand, featured an explanation of an ancient ritual imbuing a baby Michael with a demonic spirit, explaining his superhuman abilities and bloodlust. By the end of the film, Dr. Loomis managed to perform a ritual to free Michael's body of the entity and allow it to enter himself, ridding the Myers bloodline of the curse.

With audiences unhappy with this cut, the film was re-edited and many scenes were re-shot, despite Pleasence having passed away after principal photography had wrapped, giving Loomis a lackluster sendoff.

Danny McBride and David Gordon Green co-wrote a new chapter of the series, which is currently shooting, and ignores all installments in the series with the exception of the first film.

The new Halloween sequel hits theaters on October 19th.

You can read the entire script for the original Halloween 6 here.

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