Danny McBride Teases New 'Halloween' Premise

A new installment in the Halloween franchise was announced last spring, making fans curious about [...]

A new installment in the Halloween franchise was announced last spring, making fans curious about what to expect from a seemingly dead franchise with a variety of timelines. The film's co-writer, Danny McBride, recently detailed that the film will alter the timeline of the series once again, exploring a different fate for the main characters of the original 1978 film.

"We're kind of ignoring all the films past the first one," McBride told Yahoo!. "It picks up after the first one, but it's sort of an alternate reality. It's as if the first Halloween ended in a slightly different way."

From some of the earliest talks about the project, McBride and co-writer/director David Gordon Green have teased that their film would erase most of the film's sequels from the official canon, with McBride's comments being the first to hint at possibly tweaking how the original film ended.

In the original Halloween, Michael Myers kills his sister on Halloween night, resulting in being institutionalized. 15 years later, Myers breaks out of the institution and heads back to his hometown, killing teens in his former stomping grounds. The film ends when Myers confronts Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), who manages to fight back against Myers, while his former doctor, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence), intervenes and shoots him six times. Myers seemingly falls to his death, only for Loomis to see that he had managed to escape.

The film's success earned itself a sequel, despite co-writer/director John Carpenter having no interest in exploring the mythology of Michael Myers. However, he did co-write the film's sequel with Debra Hill, which takes place immediately after the first film ended.

The third film in the franchise abandoned the Michael Myers mythology completely, which disappointed fans. The fourth film brought the character back, making him the integral component of all subsequent films.

In 1998, Jamie Lee Curtis returned to the franchise for Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, only for her character to be killed in that film's sequel, Halloween: Resurrection.

With Curtis slated to return for the sequel as Laurie Strode, this will erase the events of all of the films, minus the very original.

The new Halloween is slated to hit theaters on October 19, 2018.

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