Special Effects Artist Promises 'Halloween' Fans Will Be "Very, Very Happy" With New Sequel

Hitting theaters in a little over six months is a sequel to the original 1978 Halloween, with audiences yet to see a single frame of the film or even learn its official title. While some fans might be nervous about what to expect from the film, one of the film's special effects artists assures that fans of the original series will be very satisfied with the upcoming chapter.

"I think honestly, if you're a real Halloween fan, you are going to be very, very happy. I think it's going to be super cool," Christopher Nelson shared with Halloween News Daily. "You've got to let the comparisons go and let Halloween live and be mysterious."

The upcoming film unites many of the key components of the original film, like director John Carpenter (who serves as an executive producer), actress Jamie Lee Curtis, and actor Nick Castle, so it's easy to see why devout fans would be excited.

While Carpenter and Curtis have been involved in various sequels in the franchise, the upcoming film marks Castle's first return to the series after performing a majority of the work as the masked Michael Myers, referred to as "The Shape," resulting in high emotions on set.

"The day when we first had The Shape in the mask, literally [director] David Gordon Green and I looked at each other and we had tears welling up in our eyes. It was such a moment," Nelson admitted. "I was just filled with so much happiness and joy at how it looked and how it was shot. And those moments continued throughout shooting. There were moments where I just got goose bumps, because I'm sitting there looking at The Shape. There it is, and it looks killer. (laughs) And it's Michael Myers."

James Jude Courtney portrays most of the role, given its physical requirements, but Castle does reportedly don the iconic mask in a handful of scenes.

"Then to have Nick Castle on set too was a whole other legendary, monumental thing in my career and my life," Nelson gushed. "And then to have John and Jamie Lee there at the same time, it was surreal, man, totally surreal."

Fans will be able to check out the film when it lands in theaters on October 19th.


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