Interview With the Vampire Season 2 Episode 6 Recap With Spoilers: "Like the Light By Which God Made the World Before He Had Made Light"

Armand makes a fateful choice and a familiar face returns.

Last week's episode of Interview With the Vampire saw Daniel and Louis revisit the original 1973 interview and, in doing so, discover that not only had Louis tried to kill himself but that Armand had manipulated both of the memories. This week, the tension that results from Louis regaining his memories amplifies especially as it's revealed that Armand has more to atone for than just some altered memories.

Warning: Spoilers for Interview With the Vampire Season 2, Episode 6, "Like the Light By Which God Made the World Before He Had Made Light" beyond this point.

Daniel is out at a restaurant with Rashid and asks him about how he got the tapes of the original interview in the first place. Rashid doesn't answer and says he's going to the bathroom but while he's gone, Raglan shows up and Raglan tells Daniel not to worry about Rashid, turns out he's in on it. Daniel has lots of questions about the Talamasca and tells Raglan he wants to get out alive. Raglan tells him that while he fears Armand he should really fear "the other one" — presumably Louis. Raglan also tells him that he will never see publication without the Talamasca and that the organization is willing to help, but he needs to ask some questions for them.

Back at the penthouse, Armand and Louis discuss what new piece of artwork to put in their living room. Louis wants to hang up the Steins from Paris. It's a pointed suggestion and discussion that lets it be known that things are not good with the two vampires.

In Paris, Armand watches the rehearsal of a new play. While Santiago rehearses, other members of the coven read Claudia's diaries. As Armand tells Daniel about it in the interview, Louis challenges Armand's recollection of events. Armand continues and says that while he kept Santiago in the theater, there were no roles for women and the women of the coven were visiting Lestat's agent trying to confirm that no one has heard from Lestat. Armand says that he never read the coven's mind because he was in love and therefore knew nothing. Irritated by Louis pressing him about things, Armand demands to know if Daniel spoke to anyone at dinner. Rashid covers for him.

They reach the end of Claudia's diaries and now continue just from Louis memories. In Paris, Madeline is working in her shop when some intoxicated people come down the street to vandalize her window. Madeline fights back this time and they come in and attack her, the men dragging her off to assault her. However, they are stopped by Claudia who kills one of the men and their female accomplice and then is draining the other man when Madeline finds her. Madeline doesn't run. Later, Madeline has questions for Claudia about what drinking blood is like. Claudia introduces Madeline to Louis — it's tense at first but Claudia explains things to him and Madeline says it's not romantic yet. Claudia asks Louis to get Armand to make Madeline a vampire for her, to be her companion.

Armand does not like this request but speaks with Madeline just the same. He tells her she'll be lonely, she'll be a monster. She says she's already both. He asks her what she will do when Claudia throws herself into the fire. Madeline says maybe she won't because maybe she is what Claudia needs to survive. While he talks to Madeline, Louis and Claudia talk with Claudia confronting him about his comment about being rid of the burden of her. Armand ultimately says no, telling Daniel his reason for saying no was because he'd never made a vampire before and the idea repulses him.

At the theater, Santiago has an argument with Sam about the play, but it's all a performance to seed tension with Armand. Louis and Armand tell Daniel about the various strange crimes that begin to happen around Paris — a stolen lens, film, other things. In Paris, Louis tells Armand he's going to turn Madeline into a vampire. At her shop, Madeline prepares to give up her human life and reassures Claudia not to worry about the blood because it's the blood that made her. Louis — and eventually Claudia — both drain Madeline. Louis sees her life as he does and the things she experienced, many of them tragic, as well as the way Madeline saw Claudia. It makes Louis realize that Madeline would be a better companion for Claudia than he ever could have been. Madeline and Claudia leave town together. Armand finds Louis emotionally distraught by it all but more accurately that he did not care about saying goodbye to Claudia. Armand reveals that the coven gave him a choice and he broke with the coven.

Armand in the present realizes Louis remembers his suicide attempt in San Francisco and is angry about Armand erasing his memory. Armand says that Louis asked him to. Armand also says that the pages torn from Claudia's diary were ones he tore out to protect himself and that he will never be able to make up for what he did and that Louis has forgiven him. Daniel says he doesn't forgive Armand for San Francisco. Louis starts to question if maybe he did ask Armand to make him forget but Daniel isn't buying it. The interview continues. Claudia and Madeline meet with Armand and Louis for drinks. They tell Louis and Armand they plan to wander rather than coming back to Paris. They're having a nice time when Armand gets up to go outside. When he does, time goes still and Santiago arrives. Armand sold them out. He chose the coven and at the theater, the coven puts the trio on trial as though it's a play for the audience. Backstage, Lestat waits to take the stage.

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