'IT' Actor "Would Love" to Play the Joker

Javier Botet has starred in some of the biggest horror films of the last few years, including IT, [...]

Javier Botet has starred in some of the biggest horror films of the last few years, including IT, The Conjuring 2, and Slender Man. Audiences might not immediately recognize Botet, as he is often covered in lots of makeup effects, allowing him to use his gaunt physique to fully disappear into the character. One character that he'd be dying to portray is the iconic DC Comics villain The Joker.

"Of all the genres maybe I would love, it's crazy, but I would love to do, one day, a Joker, but who knows. Who doesn't wanna do Joker?" Botet shared with ComicBook.com. "And maybe a villain of James Bond. But I think with time, it will come."

With Botet normally playing a horrifying entity, it might be difficult to determine what he could bring to such a character, but his 6'6" and 120-pound frame would surely offer a compelling aesthetic of the villain that would rival some of the Joker's more intimidating comic book iterations.

The actor has delivered audiences some of the more memorable entities in the horror genre over the last decade, including the titular character in Mama, the Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2, and the Leper in IT. Botet isn't limiting himself to pursuing a role in a comic book movie, as he still has a number of iconic monsters he'd like to bring to life.

"Famous monsters, mythical monsters, I would love to do one day make a nice and serious movie about Nosferatu," Botet noted. "I think it's the beginning of all these movies and it's the most iconic one of them all. It's iconic. And I think that's the most important character now, because I've been dreaming about doing Frankenstein a lot of time, and I did [play Frankenstein's Monster] for a long time in theater. But now I think I wanna do a Nosferatu. I would love to do a vampire 'cause I think I never did a vampire."

Of all the franchises the actor could join, he confirmed the galaxy far, far away trumps them all, confessing, "I've been all my life dreaming [about how] I would love to be, no matter how little a part, in the Star Wars universe. An alien, whatever."

Botet might have to wait a while for his shot at playing the Joker, with Joaquin Phoenix starring in an upcoming solo film based on the character and with Jared Leto still committed to the role in the DC Extended Universe.

The actor will next be seen in Mara, hitting select theaters and VOD on September 7th. Botet is also rumored to appear in IT: Chapter Two, opening on September 6, 2019.

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