Laurie Holden Reveals How 'Pyewacket' Convinced Her to Return to Horror

Actress Laurie Holden has left her mark on the horror world, having starred in films like The Mist and Silent Hill while also being a founding cast member on the game-changing horror series The Walking Dead. Holden's talents extend across many genres, and having regularly played roles in the world of horror, is always looking for new ways to express her talents. Despite the wealth of roles she's already registered in the horror genre, the actress had a hard time turning down the horror film Pyewacket.

"I met [writer/director] Adam [MacDonald] at the Toronto International Film Festival, and he was really effusive, and really wanted me to play this part. I was a bit reticent, because I wasn't very eager to sign on to do a horror film, just particularly because I was on The Walking Dead for so many years," Holden shared with "I had other passions that I wanted to explore, but he said, 'This is different. This is a supernatural thriller that has some horror elements. It's a real mother/daughter story. Please, please read it.' He said, 'But first watch my last film Backcountry.' I watched his film, and I was so knocked out with him as a filmmaker, because I love what he does with the slow burn. He never goes for the obvious cliché."

She added, "Then I read the script and I fell in love with the character. I said, 'Okay, that's it. I'm on board. This is great.' Then when I saw the final product, I really was impressed. He was true to his word, this is a supernatural thriller that has horror elements. It's not what you would ever really ever expect. It's different. It's like a dark fairytale."

In the film, a mother and daughter are coping with the loss of the family's patriarch, putting intense strain on their relationship. In an act of desperation, the daughter turns to the world of the supernatural for answers, reaching out to a dark spirit called "Pyewacket" for assistance. After these events are set in motion, she realizes the evil she's unleashed on those she cares about most.

"I liked the message of the film, which is 'be careful what you wish for, because someone might be listening.' I really believe we have a lot of power as human beings, to manifest things, whether it's positive or negative," Holden detailed of the film's themes. "Everything that we say, and we think, that we do, comes back to haunt us, so be mindful."


Fans can see Pyewacket in select theaters and on VOD now.

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