Loch Ness Monster: Bizarre Sonar Images Spark Speculation About the Famous Beast

When it comes to surface photo or video evidence that claims to confirm the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, experts often dismiss these claims as being other animals, tricks of the light, or outright hoaxes, but new sonar images of Scotland's massive body of water has some researchers scratching their heads. In early October, Cruise Loch Ness detected an object that was more than 30 feet long at a depth of more than 500 feet. Rather than being an abnormality, the object appeared for a full 10 seconds before disappearing. Just weeks later, a similar anomaly was detected of the same size and at a similar depth, sparking speculation that it could be the famed beast.

“It was right in the middle of the loch at about 170m (558ft) down. It was big – at least 10m (33ft). The contact lasted 10 seconds while we passed over," Cruise Loch Ness director Ronald Mackenzie shared with the Daily Record. “I’ve been on the loch since I was 16 years old and I have never seen anything like it. We have real state-of-the-art sonar on the new boat. It doesn’t lie. It captures what’s there."

He added, “I believe there’s something in the loch that nobody knows what it is, be it a big eel or a sturgeon or a big fish of some sort – or even Nessie.”

Only weeks later, another bizarre photo was captured by Mackenzie, depicting a similar abnormality.

"These fascinating images are genuine and unexplained contacts that would merit further investigation of the loch by more sophisticated sonar,” sonar expert Craig Wallace shared with The Inverness Courier.


Stay tuned for details on the situation.

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