Man Claims Loch Ness Monster Has "Escaped" Famous Locale Based on Photo

Cryptids don't get much bigger in size nor in reputation than the Loch Ness Monster, a creature that witnesses have claimed to see for almost a century, though tourist Andrew Brunton claims to have captured an unexplained image that he believes resembles evidence of the famous creature, noting that the explanation could be that "Nessie" has found a new home. Brunton went out to Chanonry Point in Fortrose, Scotland in hopes of capturing images of dolphins, only to end up capturing an image that he couldn't explain. You can judge the evidence for yourself by checking it out at The Scottish Sun.

"I had gone to Fortrose to see the dolphins at Chanonry Point but they didn't come out," Brunton shared with the outlet. "I had been to Loch Ness the day before and thought some of the pictures of Nessie look similar to the one I took. I don't know what it is. Who am I to make that judgement?"

While the photo itself does have a swimmer in the foreground, igniting discussions that the other object could merely be another swimmer, Brunton noted that he was intentionally snapping a photo of one swimmer and didn't realize the other object was there until later.

"They had the full wet suit and swimming cap on and that is what I was trying to take a picture of," the tourist noted. "But I didn't spot the object further back in the water until I was looking back at the pictures."

One of the first "confirmed" sightings of the creature took place back in the 1930s, when Colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson snapped a photo of what he believed to be a mysterious creature, igniting worldwide interest in identifying the beast and spawning countless tales of close encounters with the massive monster in the decades since. This photo, which is a grainy, black-and-white image of what appears to be a neck sticking out of the water, is devoid of any other objects, preventing it from offering any sort of scale in relation to other objects.


This first photo, often referred to as the "Surgeon's Photo," was later revealed to be a hoax. Despite this confirmation, people have still spent decades hoping to uncover evidence that a massive creature lives in the famous Scottish body of water.

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