M3GAN Is Officially a Model for Marc Jacobs

M3GAN continues to transcend. M3GAN has catapulted from being a horror movie monster icon to being a pop-cultural icon – and now, she's officially a fashion icon!

M3GAN has become a featured model in Marc Jacobs' new "Heavn" campaign. A new photo shoot posted on IG has the tagline "M3GAN in heaven by Harley Weir" and features the killer robot "modeling" a horror-themed hoodie with a massive skull image and a writing on it, with a denim skirtand some knee-high black leather boots to finish off the Goth-chic look. 

...Needless to say, this is probably more than just about anyone at Universal Pictures ever expected for the M3GAN franchise. 

As stated, making a box office profit for M3GAN as a movie may have been the initial goal, but things have certainly evolved in a much different direction. M3GAN earned $173.4 million on a $12 million budget – not the biggest box office for a blockbuster horror release, but definitely profitable enough to get M3GAN 2.0 greenlit. That said, the cultural impact of M3GAN has been unexpectedly bigger; the film's slightly weird and offbeat tone made it perfect for the TikTok generation as sequences like M3GAN taking a moment to bust out dance moves before a brutal kill became the fodder of so many memes and TikToks. 

Before long, M3GAN was such a pop-culture talking point that she became a source of parody on shows like Saturday Night Live, which may have had one of the biggest hands promoting the film, with a skit that celebrated M3GAN's unoffiical adoption as an LGBTQ+ icon: 

Universal got a nice double-dip from the recent release of M3GAN's Unrated Version, which offered the enticing reveal of a much bloodier version of the film. Since then, we've heard from director Gerard Johnstone about what we can expect from the sequel, M3GAN 2.0

"Well, I can't say too much about those sorts of things. All I can say is that I'm here in L.A. and been thinking about it, working on it, and I'm just catching up with them this week to talk about it and do a debrief," Johnstone confirmed to ComicBook.com. "It's really important to do a debrief on the first movie, like a post-game analysis, and look at what worked and how we can do it again. I mean, Jesus Christ, it's difficult to replicate the success. No one was expecting that, so it's daunting, but exciting at the same time."

M3GAN is availble to watch (Unrated) on Peacock.