Mezco Monster Action Figures Come With a Tower of Fear

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Halloween is only days away and some fun collectibles have launched for the occasion. Today NECA unveiled the first in a line of TMNT X Universal Monsters crossover figures, and now Mezco Toyz has chimed in with their Mezco's Monsters Tower of Fear 5 Points Action Figures Deluxe Box Set.

Inside the set you'll find 3.75-inch Mezco 5 Points figures of horror icons Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Sea Creature, and a Werewolf with accessories. What's more, a Tower of Fear playset is included that stands at 18-inches tall and features three floors - a dungeon, a main hall, and Frankenstein's Lab.


Scattered throughout the playset there are interactive components for each Monster like a coffin for Dracula, a sarcophagus for the Mummy, and lab equipment for Frankenstein's Monster to connect to. A full breakdown of the accessories can be found below.

  • 1x vampire bat (fits over Dracula's head)
  • 1x skullcap (fits onto Frankenstein's Monster's head)
  • 1x Usekh collar
  • 1x unraveled scroll
  • 2x Canopic jars
  • 1x Uraeus
  • 1x fossilized Sea Creature head
  • 2x seaweed fronds
  • 1x human skull
  • 1x tibia bone
  • 1x fibula bone
  • 5x display bases

Pre-orders for the Mezco's Monsters Tower of Fear 5 Points Action figure set are live here at Entertainment Earth for $84.99 with free shipping in the US slated for May. The set is $95 directly from Mezco, so this is quite a deal.