New Horror Film Being Developed Based on the Viral "Momo Challenge"

One of the most horrifying phrases that audiences can see before a horror film begins is "Based on a true story." While some films offer audiences relatively authentic interpretations of actual events, many films use this as a marketing strategy to get more viewers invested in the upcoming horrors. Earlier this year, a hoax spread across the internet called the "Momo Challenge," which claimed to involve the image of a woman's grotesquely contorted face appearing in videos aimed at children on YouTube, demanding that they perform violent and disturbing acts. While the challenge was confirmed to be a hoax, the upcoming film Getaway will use the unsettling concept as its premise.

Deadline confirmed that the film will be directed by Lilton Stewart III and "follows a group of unsuspecting teenagers who, in their last summer before college, find themselves in a secluded cabin in the woods where unusual occurrences unfold. In ghost story fashion, one tells the story of the urban legend, MOMO, a strange spirit of a bird-like woman that taunts its victims with specific personal details and violent commands via text message and phone calls. What starts out as a harmless prank soon turns more sinister over the next 24 hours as the teens start disappearing without any motive or pattern."

Stef Beaton, Alex Brown, Georgie Storm Waite, Rianne Senining, and Charlotte Spencer are set to star in the film.

The hoax became prominent across the world last year, though it wasn't until early in 2019 when Kim Kardashian posted about it on her Instagram page that the trend spread even further. The image of the "woman" comes from a sculpture created by Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa who crafted an exhibit composed of bizarre human and animal hybrids, with the Momo sculpture placing a human head on a chicken's body.

Arguably one of the most famous urban legends to capture the internet's attention was Slender Man, who was born in a Photoshop contest, debuting as a tall figure that was spotted lurking playgrounds and abducting children. Tragically, two young girls became so infatuated with the fictional figure that they stabbed one of their friends to offer as a sacrifice to the entity.

The film Slender Man was inspired by the internet phenomenon, which was mired in controversy for seemingly capitalizing on the tragedy and saw multiple release date delays.

Stay tuned for details on Getaway.

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