Paul Feig Offers Update on His Universal Monsters Dark Army Movie

The Dark Universe of Universal Monster reboots might have gotten off to a rough start with 2017's [...]

The Dark Universe of Universal Monster reboots might have gotten off to a rough start with 2017's The Mummy, but Paul Feig hopes to prove there's still life in the iconic mythology yet by delivering audiences Dark Army, which aims to honor the franchise's history while also injecting a fair share of humor. The filmmaker has proven on multiple occasions how well he can inject humor into other genres to create uniquely entertaining experiences, with Feig recently pointing out that he is currently still working on the script for the project and that it is sure to offer his unique blend of comedy with genre pieces.

"I really want this to bring the same feeling that those old monster movies that I loved growing up watching [did]," Feig shared with Collider. "I'm not as interested in doing a horror movie as I am in doing a true monster film. So, hopefully that will see the light of day. You never know in Hollywood these days, but I love it. I'm very excited about it. I'm excited about the characters that I've created and about some of the ones that I've been able bring over from the old movies."

When the Dark Universe was initially announced, there were plans teased for a number of reboots that were in the works, only for The Mummy's critical and box office disappointments to lead towards all of those plans being scrapped. Hitting theaters later this month is The Invisible Man, a reimagining of the 1933 film of the same name, while a Monster Mash movie is reportedly being developed, which is a musical take on the familiar franchise.

While it's yet to be seen if these projects can bring the Universal Monsters back from the dead, Feig hopes their accomplishments can help move things forward for Dark Army.

"It's really smart, because I mean, I can't wait for Invisible Man, but that looks like a straight-up great horror movie, you know?" the filmmaker pointed out. "But then the fact that I just read that they're going to do this like monster musical, and that's great, too. I mean, the monster world is just so great. It's nice to see it just kind of get interpreted a million different ways. So I'm excited about mine and about whatever else they're going to do."

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