Rob Zombie Promises '3 From Hell' is in "Final Stages" of Post Production

Rob Zombie’s upcoming feature film, 3 From Hell, may not be quite finished, but the director [...]

Rob Zombie's upcoming feature film, 3 From Hell, may not be quite finished, but the director promises it's coming along.

In a recent Instagram post, Zombie assured fans that his next movie is in the "final stages" of post production.

"Quick update. 3 From Hell is moving along great. Beginning the final stages of post production. Whew, this f***** has been a lot of work," he wrote.

Last month, it was initially reported that Zombie had completed the film, but a few days later the director clarified that he still wasn't quite finished.

"So folks seem confused by my post saying I completed my Rejects trilogy," he wrote on Instagram. "I said the trilogy is complete but the movie 3 From Hell is not finished yet. Still got a couple months of work left. It's getting there and it is f****** awesome," he added,

3 From Hell is set to be the third installment in his trilogy, which also includes House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects.

Here's the original post, which caused the confusion:

It's easy to see how people assumed this meant the movie had been completed, but it seems Zombie was just referring to finishing the filming process and not the editing.

When it comes to 3 From Hell, Zombie promises an experience different from the first two films.

"The second was so different to the first one, and I wanted the third one to be different yet again," told Metal Hammer. "If you're just retreading the same movie for a profit, that's a bummer."

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3 From Hell is expected to be released sometime in 2019.