‘Saw 9’ May Actually Be Happening

The ninth Saw film appears to have been confirmed by a divorce settlement agreement concerning Jigsaw actor Tobin Bell.

Documents obtained by The Blast reveal Bell reached a settlement with estranged wife Elizabeth, with the papers establishing a stipulation between the two for Bell’s role in the ninth Saw movie.

If Bell profits from the newest horror installment, he has to reimburse his ex for taxes she’ll pay from a monthly $8,000 spousal support Bell agreed to pay.

The exact line says if the Saw star “receives any compensation from any source for his participating in the ninth motion picture in the ‘Saw’ series (‘Saw 9 Pay’) at any time, he shall pay [Elizabeth] (or reimburse her for) all of her combined Federal and California income tax liability incurred on the spousal support she receives.”

The documents don’t propose the deal only happens “if” Saw 9 happens, indicating Bell may have already participated in some early stage of the project.

The Blast further reports Bell is only obligated to pay spousal support through December 2019, which could be a sign sign the sequel could arrive before that time.

The agreed upon settlement sees Bell retaining full rights to his production company while Elizabeth will claim their Malibu estate and a 2010 Audi Q5.

Bell has appeared in all eight Saw films thus far since the 2004 original that launched the horror franchise, most recently appearing in last October’s Jigsaw.

In April, Jigsaw writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg were tapped to write the ninth installment of the grisly and gory saga that finds unwitting victims forced to fight for survival in horrific traps.

2010’s Saw 3D was intended to be the last sequel after a steep decrease in the box office performance for 2009’s Saw VI, only for the franchise to be resuscitated with the seven-years-later Jigsaw, which grossed over $103 million against a production budget of just $10 million.


Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures have not yet indicated their intended direction for the Jigsaw sequel and the project is in its earliest stages.

In its 14 years of terror, the Saw franchise has grossed over $975 million at the worldwide box office across eight films. That figure does not include other revenue streams like merchandise and home disc sales.