Scream 6 Will "Subvert All" Expectations Says Director

The success of the most recent Scream movie, simply titled Scream despite being the fifth in the series, resulted in the least surprising thing about a horror franchise, a sequel. Paramount has already confirmed that Scream 6 will go into production this year and will be released in March of 2023. If there's one thing that Scream fans know about the franchise though it's that with each new entry the filmmakers have had to justify the existence of another film, doubly so than many of the slasher franchises that they're parodying, less they end up being on the same level as movies that they're reflecting on. For Scream 6, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have a high bar to clear and even more fan expectations to play with.

"This movie has to be willing to risk it all in order to subvert all of those expectations," Gillett told Empire about the upcoming Scream 6. "And we're so far down the rabbit hole of Scream movies, that it's all up for grabs at this point." Considering we're now on the sixth entry in a series, and the movie is now a sequel to a "requel," it's unclear what the next film will be lampooning, spoofing, and riffing on, but it has to be something to really justify itselt. This year's Scream made sure to skewer fan expectations of franchises and deliberately cited toxicity on movie YouTube channels, subreddits, and online fandoms, certainly cementing its place in the modern era but also perhaps opening up new avenues for next year's movie.

Gillett also opened up to the outlet about how he felt going to see Scream 2 back when he as just a fan, perhaps realizing how he himself is now in a similar position and how he can capitalize on it. "(Before seeing it] I remember feeling like there was no more gas in the tank, they'd already driven it so hard," he added. "The challenge that Wes and Kevin [Williamson, screenwriter] were having in trying to live up to the expectations of the first film was playing out on screen. It was such a wonderful way to let the audience in." 

Gillett will return to direct alongside Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, with screenwriters James Vanderbilt & Guy Busick also set to return. It's unclear what cast members may be back for the new film but production is scheduled to begin this summer. Scream 6 is currently scheduled for a March 31, 2023 release.