Scream Star Is Down for the Reboot But Hasn't Been Contacted

A new Scream is reportedly on the way and, while it's unclear whether the film will be some sort of reboot or a potential continuation of the original narrative, star David Arquette is up for returning, yet has confirmed he hasn't learned anything of the production. In the original films, Arquette played Dewey Riley, a local police officer who developed a friendship with Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott and romantic relationship with Courteney Cox's Gale Weathers, making him a potential victim of the Ghostface killer in every installment. Arquette, along with Campbell and Cox, have appeared in all four installments of the series.

"My phone has not rang and I know nothing. I honestly don't," Arquette shared with MovieWeb. "And I'm not just saying that. So I know just like you that they're working on a script, apparently. I don't know if our characters are going to be involved. It'd be nice. It would be exciting to be a part of it."

Much like the first four films were unified by the cast, each film was also directed by Wes Craven. Since the filmmaker's passing in 2015, it was assumed the series wouldn't continue, as it was instead reinvented as a TV series.

"It'll be sad that Wes isn't there but I would love to see his legacy continue and the great projects and films that he was a part of an afterlife, and continue what he started," the actor continued. "I would love to see more Nightmare on Elm Streets. I'd love to see more Screams. I just think he's such an incredibly talented and amazing person. I'm so honored that I had gotten to work with him, just in general. So, whatever they decide to do, it's what they'll decide. You can't bet on stuff like that. You just have to keep doing what you're doing."

More than just a role, it's clear that Arquette has a passion for Dewey, as he even has an idea of what his character has been up to in recent years.

"I don't know. I guess maybe he'd be almost ready for retirement," Arquette noted. "I don't know if he would still be together with Gale. There was a lot of interesting stuff that we were pitching to Wes for Scream 4 that didn't really happen. Even, in one of the earlier drafts, [Dewey and Gale] had a kid, which was interesting. Because, obviously me and my ex Courtney actually had a kid and we met on the Scream films. So it was kind of a fun parallel."

He added, "I don't know if they would still be together, or if they wouldn't. I always liked the dynamic of them, sort of the cat and mouse, Sam and Diane aspect of their relationship was always fun for me. Whatever it is, I'd love to see it have some stakes to it, where it's palpable. Just play with the love element. I think that was fun about the first one especially. You could see the spark in their eyes and a budding relationship. To go back to that would be fun."


Stay tuned for details on the possible future for the Scream franchise.

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