Spirit Halloween Releases New Nick Lutsko Song

Spirit Halloween has released a new Nick Lutsko song and the Internet is thrilled. The former Super Deluxe comedian is no stranger to online humor with hysterical songs about all kinds of topics. His running bit with Internet darling Spirit Halloween was so good that the company had to step in and work with him. Pairing the vocals with all the work spent making fun set dressing in one location helps make these videos. October 1st means Spooky Season is upon us and this was probably the easiest way to draw some extra attention to the Spirit Halloween account. It won't be long before the social media landscape is filled with talk of 12 foot skeletons and cosplay ideas. Vulture got the chance to speak with Lutsko about this year's rendition of the Spirit Halloween song. He's excited to connect with fans each year on it.

He said, "It was really tough trying to think of a way to do something that furthers the story of the first two songs without making the audience shrink with each new one."

When asked about the logistics of staging this entire thing, Lutsko was quick to take the spotlight off of himself.

"That was all done by Brielle Garcia, who's an incredible animator I've been wanting to work with for a while," the comedian revealed. "I don't even understand how she does what she does — it was like we were shooting a Marvel movie in my garage. Usually I work so spontaneously; I have an idea and put it out within 24 to 48 hours, so there's not a lot of time or room for collaboration like that. This was the perfect opportunity, because Spirit hit me up early this year about doing this video, so there was a lot of time to plan things out."

As it stands, the sky seems to be the limit for his strange brand of comedy. But, some fans do wonder what the future could hold.


"That's an awesome question that I have not considered so much. I released the first Songs on the Computer album last year and it was 13 songs, and I've been releasing these songs all year with the intention of releasing another follow-up record," he mused. "And this is the 13th song, so I do think that things are winding down. I have so many other things coming up — I have some television projects that I'm working on right now — so this might be a good place to put a pin in the Songs on the Computer saga, but I truly don't know what will happen next."

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