'Stranger Things' Star Millie Bobby Brown Addresses Bullying in MTV Movie & TV Awards Speech

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown took home an MTV Movie and TV Award tonight, and she used [...]

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown took home an MTV Movie and TV Award tonight, and she used her platform to deliver a pretty poignant message in the process.

Brown, who plays Jane "Eleven" Hopper on the beloved Netflix series, accepted the Best Performance award in a pre-taped video message, after a split kneecap prevented her from attending the event. The young actress used the speech, which you can check out above, to respond to recent bouts of cyberbulling on social media, which seem to have motivated her to deactivate her Twitter account.

"Since I know there are many young people watching this, and even to the adults — they could probably use the reminder, too — I was taught, if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say it," Brown explained. "There should be no space in this world for bullying, and I'm not going to tolerate it and neither should any you. If you need a reminder of how well you are and to rise above the hate, message me on Instagram."

Fans were shocked by Brown deleting her Twitter late last week, especially when they figured out what might have caused it. Unfortunately, Brown had started to be used as the focus of a series of homophobic memes, with vulgar pictures and tweets being made insinuating that she used various offensive slurs.

Some will surely be moved by the fact that Brown used her platform on the MTV Movie and TV Awards to break her silence, and hopefully motivate young fans from not resorting to cyberbullying. And considering the number of celebrities who have had to delete their social media for similar reasons - including Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones and Star Wars' Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran - there's certainly a need for Brown's sentiments to be made.

The Stranger Things star will be reprising her role in season 3 of the hit show when it returns later this year. Not much is known about season 3 just yet, but fans can expect the same mix of 80s themes and supernatural detective work. Stranger Things season 2 featured a time jump (from 1983 to 1984) and with the craziness that unfolded in season 2 we wouldn't be surprised if they jumped once more to 1985 or further.

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Season three of Stranger Things will debut sometime next year.