'Stranger Things' Star Millie Bobby Brown Hopes for Joyce and Hopper Romance in Season 3

The talented and charming cast of Stranger Things helped it become a breakout pop cultural [...]

The talented and charming cast of Stranger Things helped it become a breakout pop cultural phenomenon, especially given the number of young and unknown talent featured in the series. Winona Ryder and David Harbour play the prominent adult characters Joyce and Hopper, whose chemistry together is another of the series' selling points. Many fans hope to see the duo begin a romantic relationship in a future season, with even star Millie Bobby Brown crossing her fingers for the love connection.

"Listen, I would love for them to get together. Jopper is like my inspiration in life," Brown shared with Variety about fans creating a fictional relationship between the two characters.

Given that the two actors are some of the only adults on set, it is apparently difficult for them to avoid taking on parental roles for the young cast. It's possible that this is the impetus for Brown seeing them as a surrogate mother and father.

"Winona Ryder and David Harbor are like my parents," she added. "On set, they're like, 'Stop running, what are you eating, why are you eating that?' David is like, 'Another boy?' And in the show, if they rekindle, that means Will and Eleven will be step-siblings. I would love that because Noah [Schnapp] is my boy best friend."

The first season of the series planted the seeds for that possible relationship by confirming that the two had dated many years ago, yet had clearly moved on in the decades since. The second season saw Joyce in the middle of a relationship with Bob, played by Sean Astin, who was a devoted partner, despite being adorably dorkier than the take-charge Hopper. Sadly, Bob was killed by creatures from the Upside Down, leaving Joyce unwillingly single.

Brown isn't alone in thinking that Joyce and Hopper could get together, with Harbour himself thinking that these characters were destined to be together.

"There may be other people in the mix in this situation, but I think they're built for each other and I would love to see them get together," Harbour admitted to Variety. "From the very beginning, I thought that these are two tortured, messed up, beautiful people who are like puzzle pieces that can't stand each other but actually need each other."

The third season of the series is filming now and will debut on Netflix sometime in 2019.

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