Stranger Things Season 3 Gets New Synopsis

Stranger Things fans only have another three weeks to go before the latest season debuts on Netflix, unveiling all manner of mysteries to unravel. To celebrate the new episodes, Nike is delivering fans all-new apparel that honors the series and will likely be seen on full display, as the retro items appear to be honoring the fashion sensibilities of the '80s-set series. In addition to offering a look at the new products, a press release about the partnership offered new details about what to expect in the new season. Learn more from the new synopsis below before the series debuts its new episodes on July 4th.

Per press release, "It's 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana, and summer's heating up. School's out, there's a brand new mall in town, and the Hawkins crew are on the cusp of adulthood. Romance blossoms and complicates the group's dynamic, and they'll have to figure out how to grow up without growing apart. Meanwhile, danger looms. When the town's threatened by enemies old and new, Eleven and her friends are reminded that evil never ends; it evolves. Now they'll have to band together to survive, and remember that friendship is always stronger than fear."

The series is known for regularly delivering audiences harrowing tales of horror and science fiction, though star David Harbour promised earlier this year that the new season will also feature the strong bonds between characters that fans have grown to love.

"It's bigger, and it's more Spielbergian. I felt Season One was very Stephen King, Season Two was very Spielberg, and we get even more Spielbergian in our aesthetic," Harbour shared with Collider. "It's got a lot of color to it this year, we really get into the '80s more; it's '85, Hopper has a whole new getup, he's got a mustache — we're leaning into it in a really fun, interesting way."

He continued, "Also it's got a lot of love, and it always has from the very beginning. That's the thing that's very special about the show, it has tremendous heart. I always get choked up when I watch it, and this season is no different. It takes a lot of risks, but in its essence it's going to smack you in the heart. It's really funny and it's really beautiful and there are some big, big surprises."

Season Three of Stranger Things lands on Netflix on July 4th.

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