'Stranger Things' Cast Reveals Season Three Has Two Main Antagonists

In the first two seasons of Stranger Things, threats came in a variety of forms. Whether they be [...]

In the first two seasons of Stranger Things, threats came in a variety of forms. Whether they be nefarious scientific organizations with evil intentions, bullies who picked on the heroes, or otherworldly monsters, the main characters constantly had to keep their wits about them to deal with everything in their way. Fans have to wait until July to find out exactly what kinds of threats our heroes will face in the new season, though the series' stars did recently confirm that the upcoming season will follow a similar trend of multiple villains and the new storyline will feature two major antagonists.

During a Stranger Things panel at this past weekend's Emerald City Comic Con, one fan bluntly asked the series' stars what the major monster would be in the new season. Understandably, no major revelations were revealed, though Gaten Matarazzo admitted, "I will say there are two major antagonists."

The first season of the series debuted seemingly out of nowhere, but its blend of horror, sci-fi, comedy, and drama led to it becoming one of Netflix's most popular shows of the year. That popularity resulted in details about upcoming narratives becoming the source of much speculation, forcing the cast to keep the series' secrets in the dark.

While a blunt approach to asking about monsters in the new season might not have paid off entirely, Finn Wolfhard did commend the approach.

"What if that was our downfall? That was the straw that broke the camel's back and we were like, 'Well, I guess we gotta say it,'" the actor joked.

With its first two seasons, the series has amplified the threats, which poises Season Three as having even more massive terrors. Earlier this year star Natalia Dyer teased that the scale of the new season has increased.

"It does feel bigger, just filming it — obviously I haven't seen any of it, but it does feel bigger, darker, scarier," Dyer shared with MTV News. "It felt like they noticeably bumped it up to a different level this season. So I'm excited to see it, too. I don't know how they do it, [creators] the [Duffer] brothers, but yeah, I'm excited."

As far as how difficult it is to avoid spoilers, Dyer noted, "Honestly, a lot of them haven't even seen the show. No, really, they haven't!"

Check out the third season of Stranger Things when it debuts on Netflix on July 4th.

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