Stranger Things Producer Weighs in on Spin-Off Series Talks

Much like Game of Thrones did for HBO, the past decade has seen Stranger Things become the dominating sensation for Netflix, which will reportedly only run for two more seasons, but producer Shawn Levy confirmed that talks have taken place to potentially continue the mythology with a spin-off series. He didn't however, claim that any of those conversations were particularly promising or fruitful, but that the massive success of the sci-fi series understandably earned at least tenuous discussions about how to continue the adventures following the release of the eventual fifth season. It's currently unknown when Season 4 of Stranger Things will debut on Netflix.

"I'd say what's been made clear is this is obviously a tent pole, arguably the tentpole franchise in the history of Netflix," Levy shared with Collider. "Obviously certain other shows played key roles in their evolution, but Stranger Things with 196 million viewers over the time that we've been on the air, that's a lot of households. And it's unique in that Netflix service. What's been made clear is there is an interest and a real voracious appetite for any offshoot, any other iteration format or extension of the franchise, the characters, the mythology. And certainly those conversations are hardly evolved, but they're also not non-existent."

The first season of the series debuted in 2016 and, other than starring Winona Ryder, mostly featured all-new stars and came from Matt and Ross Duffer, who weren't necessarily defining storytellers of their generation. Almost immediately after the series started streaming, it became a massive success, launching the cast and crew and their careers into the stratosphere. This journey mirrored that of Game of Thrones, with HBO currently developing a number of spinoffs for that franchise.

Over the initial three seasons of the series, fans have been treated to adventures featuring scientific conspiracies, alternate dimensions, and telekinetic teens, making it rife with potential of what avenue a new series could explore. Similarly, the 1980s setting of the narrative and the ease that audiences have embraced that world could result in future storylines taking audiences to virtually any other time in this mythology to explore other bizarre and seemingly unexplainable occurrences.

Stay tuned for details on Season 4 of Stranger Things and potential spin-off series.


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