Ted Lasso Fan Edits Emmy-Winning Apple TV+ Series Into Horror Movie

Though Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso is primarily known for its feel good tone, jovial titular character, and pleasant to watch atmosphere, one fan has proven how quickly all that can be twisted into something sinister. Editor Francis Siberini has posted an edit they made online of footage from the first two seasons of the show that when given this type of score and when cut in this way makes the popular sitcom out as a horror film rather than a comedy. Siberini's edit hinges primarily on the season two subplot of Nick Mohammed's Nate and his self-esteem issues, but when presented in this light they take on more of a Patrick Bateman vibes than anything else. Check it out below!

Coming off its first season from last summer, Ted Lasso wracked up the most Emmy nominations every for a first-year comedy series and came home with a host of awards when the big night came a couple of weeks ago. The series ended up with three wins at the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards and four more at the Primetime Emmys themselves including: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Hannah Waddingham, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Brett Goldstein, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Jason Sudeikis, and Outstanding Comedy Series.

Though the above edit certainly gives' Nates arc in the series a more murderous and stalker undertone, the series has a plan in place for where it's all headed and Nate is a big part of the endgame.

"They asked me to tape for Nate, and once I'd got the part, Jason and Bill explained that Nate is going places, with that underdog arc in Season 1," Mohammed told The New York Times. "Then I think we were filming the gala episode, and I sat next to Jason and he outlined exactly where Nate goes in Season 2 - which, we can't give anything away, but Nate goes on a very different journey. He's told me where it goes in Season 3 as well....It's not a spoiler to suggest that I don't get killed off this season. Virtually every member of the cast has a little journey. Often that's not the case with minor parts, where your job is to be a constant so the major players can change and adapt and grow. But everyone in Ted Lasso goes somewhere."


The season two finale of Ted Lasso will premiere this Friday on Apple TV+