The Boys: Karl Urban Supports Co-Star Jack Quaid's Scream Debut

The second season of The Boys came to an end in October of 2020, and fans are eager to finally get their eyes on the third season. Before the hit Amazon series returns in June, there are some other exciting projects you can watch that features The Boys cast. One such movie is the new Scream, which hit theaters this weekend. Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie Campbell on The Boys, just made his Scream debut in the fifth film as Richie Kirsch. Many people are seeing the new horror flick this weekend. In fact, it's set to be the first movie to knock Spider-Man: No Way Home from the top spot at the weekend box office. One person who went out to catch a screening is Quaid's The Boys co-star, Karl Urban

"Hey @jack_quaid Loved you in @screammovies 🔪," Urban wrote on Instagram. "AHHHHHH!!!!! Love you bud! 👍🏻," Quaid replied. You can check out Urban's photo below:

Last year, Urban teased what he knew about the upcoming third season of The Boys while it was still in production. "I've read about four scripts," Urban previously said in a talk with The Playlist. "So I have a pretty good idea of where things are going, but the second half of the season I haven't seen yet. And at this point and time, I haven't spoken to Eric about the season and where it's going, but that conversation is going to be happening imminently." As viewers recall, the new season will see Urban leading The Boys as official assets of the CIA, though without Hughie in tow, at least at first.

As for Scream, Quaid recently spoke with Bloody Disgusting and compared making the movie to playing the mega-popular multiplayer game Among Us.

"I was a horror fan beforehand. I had done one horror movie... and I think I was really into being in a horror franchise staple. And I think Scream is perfect. I really love things that are kind of meta, commenting on themselves ...  In terms of my character... especially in the beginning of filming, we all got different scripts. I was never really quite sure what the situation was. In some versions some characters die, in other versions other characters die. In some versions somebody's the killer, in other versions someone else is the killer. It was like a big game of Among Us."

Scream is now playing in theaters. The Boys returns to Amazon on June 3rd.