'The Exorcist' Series Showrunner Claims Disney Buyout Poses Dangers for Season 3

A monumental deal was established last week between The Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox, with much of the talk surrounding how the Marvel Cinematic Universe will change going forward. Not all of Fox's more adult-themed properties are in as good of shape, unfortunately, with The Exorcist TV series reportedly in jeopardy going forward, according to showrunner Jeremy Slater.

the exorcist fox disney merger season 3
(Photo: Twitter, jerslater)

Slater's above tweet joked about what many fans' main focuses are, which is the state of the MCU, while completely overlooking all of the possible turmoil it can cause for other productions.

The second season finale aired this past Friday with no word yet on whether the series will continue.

In a follow-up interview with Entertainment Weekly, Slater expanded upon his initial reaction.

"You know, I don’t think anyone knows at this point," Slater pointed out of the show's future. "I think this Fox-Disney deal… it doesn’t mean great things for 20th Century Fox as a studio and Fox as a network, but you also never know. Now, we’re not necessarily on brand for Disney, but they’re also going to need a lot of content to fill their streaming platforms and networks, so I don’t know. I think there’s a lot of options."

These comments reflect a much more positive outlook, with Slater going on to explain the key to the show's success is its fans.

"We definitely have passionate fans at the network and at the studio — we just don’t have the audience — and so I don’t know whether the option is to roll the dice and just keep producing the show because it’s something they believe in, or maybe taking our very loyal fan base that would probably follow us anywhere we go," Slater confessed. "I think that would be hopefully an attractive prospect if you’re a streaming service or something like that that wants to be competitive in the horror genre. I feel that we’ve made the best horror show on TV for two years running and the fans that have discovered us will follow us. I remain optimistic."


What the potential third season could explore remains a mystery, but we can likely anticipate it will change the victims of the possession once again.

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