Celebrate 'The First Purge' at This Year's Halloween Horror Nights

Fans of The Purge franchise are already having a big year, with The First Purge having landed in theaters and with The Purge TV show debuting this fall. There's even more to be excited about with the announcement that Univeral Studios' Halloween Horror Nights will be honoring the latest film in the saga with an attraction this year that will immerse guests in the horrifying night of terror.

The First Purge halloween horror nights poster
(Photo: Universal Studios)

Murder, mayhem and pandemonium are alive and well every year as the annual Purge grips the country, suspending all police, fire and emergency services for 12 consecutive hours as law-abiding citizens are transformed into anarchists. Inspired by The First Purge—the movement that began as a simple experiment, this terrifying new "Halloween Horror Nights" maze aligns with the film in establishing the motives that launched the country into chaos.

The First Purge maze will reimagine the movie's premise, greeting guests with pure unadulterated fear as it brings to life the turmoil spawned by vigilantes. It will place guests at the heart of a controversial sociological experiment empowered by the New Founding Fathers of America's (NFFA) desire to purge the nation of all hatred and crime by, ironically, permitting crime to take place as a means of ridding society of all ills. Guests will be at the mercy of luck and speed as they attempt to outsmart and outlive the anarchy.

Fans of classic horror films will also have much to celebrate at this year's annual event, with the recent announcement that both Child's Play and Killer Klowns from Outer Space will have their own themed attractions.

First up—Chucky is back! After 30 years of mayhem, he's creating chaos in the streets during a toy fair that's turned lethal in the Revenge of Chucky scare zone. At this festival of toys, Chucky has twisted these playthings into new nightmares. Chucky himself rules this zone as he commands his minions to carve up some horror. This scare zone will be a tortuous delight to behold as he dishes out some revenge personally.

The horror and fun keeps coming as we bring to you Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures' cult classic, sci-fi horror film Killer Klowns from Outer Space. As you enter the domain of these Killer Klowns, the smell of cotton candy hides the fact that this is all trick and no treat. This sweet candy is spun from human victims grotesquely cocooned inside giant pods of cotton candy. Try and escape the Killer Klowns or you'll face the wrath of their cotton candy rayguns that turn you into a tasty cotton candy snack.

These attractions will be featured alongside already announced Stranger Things and Trick 'r Treat attractions.

Catch up on all the gruesome details for Halloween Horror Nights and get your tickets now. The event kicks off on September 14th and runs through November 3rd.


Stay tuned for details about this year's Halloween Horror Nights.

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