'The Lost Boys' Originally Included This Post-Credits Scene

Long before Twilight or Interview with a Vampire, The Lost Boys helped solidify the idea of young, handsome vampires drinking the blood of anyone they wanted. In a new book celebrating the film, Lost in the Shadows: The Story of The Lost Boys, the film's original script reveals the film initially included a post-credits scene that suggested just how long the film's vampires had been stalking their victims.

According to this behind-the-scenes book, this is how that final sequence played out:


Deserted, the CAMERA PROWLS through the Rock ‘n’ Roll ruins.

Eventually the CAMERA pushes toward the old mural painted on the lobby wall. The mural depicts a typical day on the boardwalk in the year 1900.


And HOLD TIGHT on one painting figure in particular. A man in a straw hat. He’s grinning broadly...and he’s most definitely Max. He’s talking to a group of young men.

Unlike current post-credits scenes in which future installments in a franchise are teased, this would have explained the main gang of vampires' origins. When the film's budget was cut before shooting began, this sequence was one of the first on the chopping block.

This would have fallen in line with the film's planned mythology, as a TV series is currently being developed around the property, which aims to explore the group of vampires in decades leading up to the events of the film.

For those unfamiliar with the film, there's never been a better time to watch it. In fact, the screenwriter of the recent adaptation of IT, Gary Dauberman, claims it's a perfect movie for Halloween.

“I will tell you a movie I revisited last week that I hadn’t seen in a while and I forgot how far ahead of its time it really was. And that’s Lost Boys." Dauberman recently told Entertainment Weekly. "If anybody hasn’t watched that recently, it really was ahead of its time. And it’s such a fun, scary movie. I forgot how influential it was on me at the time when it came out. And then you watch it, and you go, Oh my god, so much of the stuff I love is all packed into this movie."

"The scares are scary, and when the humor is there it’s funny, but it provides this lightness to contrast against all that darkness," Dauberman shared. "It makes the scares pop all the more. It could be made today with the same script and it would still fit in. But look at the cast! The cast is so f*cking cool, and they all were game for it.”


The original film inspired two sequels, but the franchise has been dormant in the world of feature films since 2010.

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