Corey Feldman Has Perfect Response to The Lost Boys Reboot Being Recast

For years now, The CW has attempted to adapt The Lost Boys into a whole new era, and it sounds like the television adaptation is taking yet another evolution. Word broke on Monday that the network would be recasting almost all of the pilot's cast, with the exception of Stella (Medalion Rahimi) and David (Dakota Shapiro). Corey Feldman, who portrayed Edgar Frog in the original movie, caught wind of the news, and suggested that he and Jamison Newlander reprise their roles in the pilot.

Feldman and Newlander played the Frog Brothers in the original film, a role that was reworked for the pilot as the Frog Sisters. Cheyenne Haynes and Haley Tju played the Frog Sisters in the most recent iteration of the pilot, but it's unclear if the roles will be genderbent in the new version.

"The two Frog Sisters are like the most fun characters you have ever seen, and hilarious." pilot director Catherine Hardwicke told earlier this year." Really kind of awesome. They're so lovable, and funny, and wicked. I love them."

The CW's version of The Lost Boys has been in various stages of development since 2016, with iZombie's Rob Thomas initially creating the project as an anthology series. This most recent version was not expected to serve as an anthology, but Thomas is still signed on as an executive producer, alongside Heather Mitchell, Dan Etheridge, Mike Karz, and Bill Bindley. The report outlines that The CW loved this pilot's script, but that "not all elements" came together, "including casting".

"Well, I don't want to get in trouble, the CW police come to my house right now or anything, because it does have a lot of neat, surprising twists in it." Hardwicke explained. "Really cool layers that the writer, Heather Mitchell, who's from Shondaland, by the way, has layered in and updated it. Of course, The Lost Boys was so fun, but it was very white, so we have a much more diverse cast, much more reflective of society, shall we say? Really interesting new faces. And we do have Laddie there. We have a fun little Laddie, and we have a lot of cool stuff. Visually, it's quite stunning. I can't wait. Fingers crossed. I think you'll like it."


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