Neil Marshall's The Reckoning Gets Trailer and Shudder Premiere Date

Filmmaker Neil Marshall's latest horror film, The Reckoning, has released a new trailer ahead of [...]

Filmmaker Neil Marshall's latest horror film, The Reckoning, has released a new trailer ahead of the film premiering on the streaming service Shudder next month. Thanks to films like Dog Soldiers and The Descent, Marshall has been a favorite among the horror community, with 2019's Hellboy having previously been poised to be his breakout into more mainstream efforts, but due to some creative conflicts behind the scenes, the film fell short of both box office and critical expectations. With his new film, Marshall has returned to the gruesome genre world in which he made a name for himself. Check out the trailer for The Reckoning above before it hits Shudder on May 13th.

In The Reckoning, after losing her husband during the Great Plague, Grace Haverstock (Charlotte Kirk) is unjustly accused of being a witch and placed in the custody of England's most ruthless witch-hunter, Judge Moorcroft (Pertwee). Forced to endure physical and emotional torture while steadfastly maintaining her innocence, Grace must face her own inner demons as the Devil himself starts to work his way into her mind.

The Reckoning stars Charlotte Kirk (Ocean's Eight, Vice, How To Be Single), Joe Anderson (Across The Universe, The Crazies), Steven Waddington (The Imitation Game, The Tudors), and Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers, Equilibrium). The film was directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers, Doomsday), who co-wrote the film alongside Kirk, (making her feature screenwriting debut), and Edward Evers-Swindell (Dark Signal).

the reckoning movie poster shudder
(Photo: RLJE Films/Shudder)

While The Reckoning is surely a return to a familiar world for Marshall, the filmmaker teased that his next film, The Lair, would be an even more complete embrace of genre tropes.

"The Reckoning was certainly a return to horror, but I showed a degree of restraint. With the exception of one wagon wheel scene," Marshall shared with Bloody Disgusting's The Boo Crew podcast. "So I wanted to come back and do a creature feature, I wanted to do some monsters, and just kind of combine elements from Dog Soldiers and Aliens and Predator and things like that."

He continued, "So it's a full-on monster movie with action and explosions and blood and guts and everything. We are just putting the financing together, with plans to shoot in May."

Check out The Reckoning when it hits Shudder on May 13th.

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