The Descent and Dog Soldiers Director Addresses Future for the Franchises

Before helming some of the most memorable episodes of HBO's Game of Thrones or delivering 2019's [...]

Before helming some of the most memorable episodes of HBO's Game of Thrones or delivering 2019's Hellboy reboot, Neil Marshall was a major hit in the horror world, thanks to both Dog Soldiers and The Descent being seminal entries within their respective subgenres. Due to the potential of each narrative, fans have often wondered if we could ever get more installments in either series, with Marshall recently confirming that, while he's excited by the possibility of delivering more Dog Soldiers films, he thinks his time with The Descent has come to an end. The Descent already earned one sequel.

"[Those books] are definitely not closed," Marshall revealed to Bloody Disgusting's The Boo Crew podcast. "I could revisit [the world of The Descent] but with that one it was kind of intended to be a one-off. And then the sequel got made anyway. Dog Soldiers was always intended to be trilogy. So, the rights for that have been tied up for quite some time, but now there's the possibility of a Dog Soldiers 2, finally."

Of the Dog Soldiers sequel, he added, "The initial rumblings are happening. So that's looking semi-likely, we'll see."

In Dog Soldiers, a group of Scottish soldiers embark on what they assume to be a typical exercise, only to encounter werewolves in the wilderness, pitting the soldiers against the beasts in a brutal battle. With the film being crafted ahead of CGI effects becoming the go-to technique for bringing mythical beasts to life, the film is often lauded for its practical effects and for finding a unique angle to tell a werewolf story.

In The Descent, a group of friends goes on a spelunking adventure in North Carolina, only for them to get lost underground in the complex cave system, made all the more frightening by various collapses within the tunnels. Taking the terror even further was the reveal that these caves were home to a group of deadly creatures who had been adapting for years underground to be perfectly equipped to hunt in complete darkness.

While Marshall wrote and directed the original The Descent, he only served as an executive producer on its sequel, noting of the concept, "I can't see me revisiting that world."

Stay tuned for possible details on the future of Dog Soldiers.

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