New Raspberry Lemonade-Flavored MTN DEW Spark Surfaces Online

Another new addition to the Mountain Dew family might be on the way. Over the weekend, images of MTN DEW Spark have surfaced online, seemingly hinting at yet another new Dew flavor being made available at some point in the coming months. Originating in a new thread on r/MountainDew, a purported PepsiCo employee unveiled the pink-colored beverage with a racing-themed label with some serious 90's undertones. According to the label, MTN DEW Spark is a raspberry lemonade-flavored drink; outside of that, virtually nothing is known about the beverage.

Oftentimes Dew partners with convenience stores and retailers to bring exclusive drinks to the public. There's the case of MTN DEW Sweet Lightning being exclusive to KFC or MTN DEW Maui Burst being available solely at Dollar General stores. Most recently, it's been revealed Walmart is partnering with the soda-maker on MTN DEW Frost Bite.


There's been no official word from PepsiCo or the MTN DEW brand about Spark, so it's very possible the drink is in the earliest stages of development. Coincidentally enough, Dew also has another lemonade-flavored beverage in development called Atomic Blue, though additional information isn't available on that either.

What's your go-to Dew flavor? Think it over and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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