Cops Rushed To Star Wars Star Billie Lourd's Home After Reports Of Shots Fired

Police were called to the home of Star Wars and Scream TV star Billie Lourd, after getting reports of shots being fired on the premises. Lord was reportedly not home at the time of the incident, which TMZ reports involved two construction workers doing renovations on the star's L.A. home. The two men (one of whom had been fired from the construction crew) got into an argument, with the fired employee eventually pulling out a rifle and firing it at the ground. No one was reportedly injured in the incident, and the disgruntled employee allegedly fled the scene after brandishing and firing the gun.

So far, it's being reported that the shooter has not been taken into custody, but police are pursuing him.

Billie Lourd is the daughter of late Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher; this strange incident with the construction worker shooting took place at the former Beverly Hills homes of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, which have been passed on to Billie Lourd. Fisher died just after Christmas Day in 2016, with her mother, Reynolds, dying one day later. The two actress's homes were separate, but within the same property border; Billie Lourd is apparently having renovations done to merge the homes into one large estate. The overall property will be 3.5 acres, worth a reported $18 million.

Police Billie Lourd's Home LA Shots Fired

Since Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds passed away in 2016, Billie Lourd has been stepping into her own as an actress. She got to join her mom in Disney's Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, playing Resistance soldier Lt. Kaydel Ko Connix. Lourd was also a major comedic scene-stealer in Olivia Wilde's cult-hit female Superbad flick, Booksmart. On the small screen, Lourd became one of Ryan Murphy's go-to muses after starring in his horror-slasher satire, Scream Queens. After that, Murphy cast her in three seasons of American Horror Story (Cult, Apocalypse, 1984), with an upcoming role in the show's tenth season, as well. Murphy likes her so much, he's creating an entire TV miniseries for her to star in. She even got to pay homage to her grandmother Debbie Reynolds, playing her onscreen granddaughter in the Will & Grace revival. That's all to say: Billie Lourd is now a star all her own.


Offscreen, Lourd has had a big year in 2020: she gave birth to her first child, Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell, named in part after her mother. She also got engaged to the baby's father, actor Austen Rydell.