Cinnamon Toast Crunch Introduces Limited-Edition Cinnamoji Toast Crunch Cereal

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is introducing a series of limited-edition cereals, this time featuring the brand's Cinnamojis. On Tuesday, the brand announced that for the first time ever and for a limited time, Cinnamon Toast Crunch fans will be able to get their hands on Cinnamoji Toast Crunch cereal, a twist on the beloved Cinnamon Toast Crunch featuring Cinnamoji faces blasted onto the square pieces. The new Cinnamoji Toast Crunch cereal will begin popping up in stores nationwide this month.

"The Cinnamojis are known for chomping one another because they are so irresistible," General Mills Senior Marketing Communications Manager Mindy Murray said in a statement. "Now fans can get in on the action and chomp the Cinnamojis themselves in this first of its kind limited-edition Cinnamoji Toast Crunch. This won't be the last you're seeing of the Cinnamojis as they are always up to something."

But the Cinnamoji hijinks do not stop there. Fans can enter to win their own custom box with a personalized Cinnamoji that they create on the packaging—you can find out more about the sweepstakes here. On top of that, the Cinnamojis are "calling upon a few of their celebrity friends" as part of the takeover. The brand is releasing limited edition, online exclusive boxes that feature celebrities Chloe King, Justin Jefferson, SpongeBob SquarePants, Leslie Grace, and Manuel Turizo transformed into Cinnamoji. Kim will be the first to take over the cereal box with two twists on breakfast staples, Chole Toast Crunch and a limited time Go-GURT called SNO-GURT. The SNO-GURT comes with the opportunity to get free, Kim-designed mini finger snowboards that fans can claim using a code and instructions inside the pack. The limited run of Chloe Toast Crunch boxes will drop Thursday, January 27th exclusively on SNO-GURT, which is available in Strawberry and Mixed Berry flavors, is available at grocery retailers nationwide now.

As for the other Cinnamoji takeovers, additional celebrity boxes will drop exclusively on for four weeks beginning in late February. Fans can follow Cinnamon Toast Crunch on social media to find out the timing of the drops which include:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants in Cinnamon Toast Crunch Squared – with a spatula fit for flipping patties or chowing down on a bowl of cereal
  • Professional football star Justin Jefferson in Griddy Toast Crunch – named after the iconic touchdown dance – with a custom Under Armour sweatshirt
  • Popular Urbano singer Manuel Turizo in Manuel Toast Crunch – with a flat-brimmed cap with Manuel's Cinnamoji
  • • Actress and Music Recording Artist Leslie Grace in Leslie Toast Crunch – debuting with a NEFF beanie embroidered with her Cinnamoji

Are you excited for Cinnamoji Toast Crunch? Is there a celebrity box you'll be trying to get? Let us know in the comments!