David Hasselhoff and Cuestack Release New Metal Song Video

Though many may only know David Hasselhoff from his acting career, having starred on Knight Rider [...]

Though many may only know David Hasselhoff from his acting career, having starred on Knight Rider and Baywatch (plus cameo appearances in SpongeBob SquarePants and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2). The Hoff contains multitudes though and his work as a musician is just as varied and expansive as his on camera work. Hasselhoff has released fourteen solo albums and been involved in countless compilations and featured on even more singles (his first album, 1985's Night Rocker went triple platinum, well, in Europe). Now Hasselhoff is dabbling a new genre, collaborating with an Austrian duo to record a heavy metal song.

Consequence of Sound has the official reveal of "Through the Night," the new single from Hasselhoff and Austrian duo CueStack, made up of Martin Kames and Bernth Brodträger. The history of the track apparently goes back to 2018 with Hasselhoff joining them in studio in last year to hammer out the track and get it recorded. The pair explained that the song is "about pushing through dark times with hope and courage, fighting your way towards the light at the ending of the tunnel." You can hear the song and watch the official music video for it below!

CueStack adds, "The ultimate goal was to create a metal project with the most-watched man on TV, showing the world his heavy side."

An EP of "Through the Night," featuring the single and two remixes of it, is available now with Diagnosis:Human, the debut full-length album of the act, set to be released next year.

Though this isn't his first single singe collaborating with James Gunn in 2017, Marvel fans will no doubt recall the "Guardians Inferno"song that Hasselhoff appeared on. The song was co-written by Gunn and his composer Tyler Bates and played over the end credits of the sequel with an official music video appearing on the home media release.

"Many of you have asked me how and why the Guardians Inferno video has come about," Gunn wrote on Facebook back in 2017. "We finished a rough demo of the song, including lyrics I had written with great care in the back of a car on notes in my iPhone. But we needed a singer, and I knew there was only one person who could fully do the song justice. David Hasselhoff and I worked together on Vol. 2 for one day, but we made an instant bond. He's a unique and amazing person, and he's everything you imagine Hasselhoff to be, only better. The Hoff and I sat down to lunch, I pitched the idea to him, and he excitedly agreed to do it."